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Last Updated: 22 Sep 2012 22:07 (BST)

A front view of a bare bones music player PCB

The OggBox project is an attempt to create a pocket sized open hardware and software portable music player with a decent array of useful features but the minimum of fuss.

The guiding principal is to make everything as open as possible with the use of free and open source tools and software and public code and schematics. The aim functionally is to be able to play open standard audio files and eventually to record them as well, primarily the Ogg Vorbis codec is supported.

What this project is

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The source code is all available on my GitHub account, browse, git clone, or download the tar archive from there.

Documentation about the project is in the Wiki, this is the most comprehensive set of notes on the project anywhere. Hopefully it will contain everything from hardware info to operating instructions for the "finished" device.

The project was presented at OggCamp this year, see above for a video of the talk and the slides.

If you want to follow the project hop over to the forum and subscribe to the General/Announcement thread. You can subscribe with an RSS reader or sign up and get emails. The thread is closed so only I can post so you don't need to worry about being spammed by anyone posting questions.